VR Future Scenario “Vision Stuttgart 2036”

In 2017 we had the opportunity to convert our future scenario Stuttgart Vision 2036 into a VR application. In this way the image becomes immersive, explorable and is brought to life by numerous engaging narratives.

At the IAA the interactive tool was presented publicly and inaugurated as part of the Mercedes-Benz me Future Talks. Since then, the tool has been made available to selected guests in workshops or lectures. It is therefore a special honour for us to make the VR Tour, now publicly accessible.

The technology allows the scenario to integrate into 360° panoramas on various devices. The tool is browser-based and can therefore be experienced in standard browsers, without any additional software . Besides desktop PCs and Macs, the tool can also be used on tablets and smartphones. As a special feature, the scenario can also be experienced in stereo with VR Glasses.

In 2019, the tool was extended for the EQS product launch in South Korea in Korean language and various features. The current version is presented to the public in a Mercedes-Benz pop-up store in the heart of Seoul and enjoys great popularity.

We would like to thank Daimler AG and all project participants, especially CGVision, for the great cooperation on this exciting project.


Screenshot of VR Tour welcome page – Click to activate






VR Future Scenario "Vision Stuttgart 2036"


Client: Daimler AG, Society & Mobility Pioneering / Bettina Ludolf, Jürgen Herzog
Creative Direction: Peter Stulz
Project Management: Thomas Posselt
3D Design: Philipp Tscherner, Julia Korotaev
UX / UI Design: Vanessa Schäfer
CGI / Photoshooting / Animation: xoio
Programming / Interface: CGVision, Heiko Beckmann
Speaker: Brilliant Voice
Styling: Edyta Kopcio


December 2017


Concept and Realization


Concept, CGI, Postproduction, Greenscreen-Photoshooting, Animation, UX / UI Design