The „classic“ 3d-visualisation is our core business. Ranging from architecture, productdesign or vast landscapes – we do it in 3d.

But the real strength of our illustrations unfolds coupled together with two additional parts of our portfolio:  strong creative concepts and the right illustration strategy. Please explore our services – we are happy to tailor our services especially to your needs.


Creative strategy:

  • Consultation of visualisation strategies
  • Targetgroup definition
  • Synchronization of marketing goals with visualisation tasks
  • Linking of brand- or productvalues to visualisation
  • Tailored visualisation portfolios for you budgetary framework

Conceptual services:

  • Sketchbased composition proposals
  • Virtual setdesigns for product-environments, digital sets, 3d-Backplates etc.
  • Storyboarding
  • Development of illustration narratives
  • Concept designs for fictional objects and scenarios


  • Emotional stills and animation
  • Illustrations for architecture, products or many other
  • Photomontage of 3d and photography / film
  • Highstandard 3d-modelling based on any basematerial
  • Filmediting and Animationpostproduction
  • Coloradaption and Grading
  • Preparation of data for 3d-printing
  • HiRes Illustrations for largescale applications


3d-visualization is the core of xoio. Since 20 years our team has gained an extensive expertise in creating compelling imagery with 3d-computation. This vast background enables us to focus on our main task: To create emotional imagery. If you are looking for the 1 image that communicates the unique character of your design or a complete animation that explores your ideas, we can do it. We have seen through many projects and we know most creative scenarios. We are used to adapt to various conditions.

Our artists assure to bring your visualization from sketch to the final product out of one hand. In fact, we take pride in the fact that our artists see through projects from first sketches to final splendor. We assure that our creatives can fully develop their own artistic ideas to full extend in one flow.


Conceptual services

Fitting your needs our team can provide various conceptual services before final illustration steps are undertaken. In fact, several of our most valued clients profit from our competence to provide creative inputs in the field of architecture, artistic imagery and product-/objectdesign.

Currently  we are entrusted to design virtual setdesigns and 3d-Backdrops for numerous productshots in 3d. Main focus always is about the right ambience and productworld fitting to your idea, brand or product. In close cooperation we approach the right environment, which then is fully realised photorealistically by our 3d-artists.

On top of that we develop complete 3d-scenarios based on briefs to fully detailed illustrations. Ranging from historic reconstructions to future scifi-illustrations we directed projects from clients as Daimler, National Geographic and others to completion. Services include compositional sketches and conceptual designs to define every aspect before we actually engage into photorealistic realisation.

Creative input goes selfunderstood in our illustration processes. And we are always curious in other ways to develop intriguing content together with our clients!


Illustration strategies

Which media will arise the attention of your potential client? We have worked with creatives from various fields and oftenly realise that illustrationbriefs could have benefitted from our experience beforehand. We feel honoured to be included in the process at early stages and provide the right questions in time:

  • Which strengths of your product (USP) needs to be communicated fast, transparent and attractive?
  • Which brandvalues need to be considered to create one wholistic, credible productexperience?
  • What targetgroup needs to be adressed and what media will do the job?
  • Which media might be the right choice for your endeavour?
  • How can you maximize impact within your budetary framework?

In this context we would like to point to our competence working with brand environments. In numerous projects xoio was entrusted to realise illustrations for highranking brands as Volkswagen, Mercedes and others. We have extensive knowledge in the implementation of CI-guidelines and value the challenge to see our clients productworlds fully represented in our illustrations.