Our studio:

xoio was founded 2006 by Peter Stulz as a provider for 3d-illustrations. Our studio is situated in Kreuzberg, the heart of germany’s capital Berlin. Within the last years xoio has extended its portfolio to offer architectural visualizations, creative imagery and 3d-animations. We are proud of our long list of satisfied clients and longterm business relationships.

Our international team of artists composes of creatives from the fields of architecture and mediadesign. We put great value on supporting our creative work with a solid infrastructure. Our team of projectmanagers guarantess the satisfactory completion in time of every project.


Our clients:

Our clients come from the fields of architecture, advertising, publishing, broadcasting, exhibition design and many others. We love to embrace the diversity of our clients and regard any request as a new challenge to prove our professionality to satisfy to highest demands.

We have been constantly working together with creative agencies and renowned architectural offices. We learned to adapt to creative processes of many kinds and understand, that every task requires its own path to an optimum result.

We take pride, to endorse our clients in creative matters when required. Our artists are always prepared to propose creative solutions in questions as materiality, composition, architecture up until the full creative concept of an illustration at hand.

Besides our Berlin-based customers we are proud of our growing list of international clients. Our confidence in servicing foreign requests allows us to manage projects from the US, Spain, Finnland and many other countries.

Last but not least we do understand brands and have an background in brandrelated imagery. Adapting to corporate identities  is selfunderstood in our daily work and we make sure to maximize an intented brandexperience in our works.


Our collaboration guidelines:

Obviously creativity and technical perfection are crucial for successfull projects. In our workflow we make sure that they are coupled with transparency in communication, flexibility, fairness and last but not least an approachable, sympathetic nature of our team.

With the combination of these keyfactors  our team at xoio strives to be a premium 3d-imageproduction provider, you can truly rely on.