The illustration was produced in a resolution that allowed large scale prints and presentations.

Daimler Mobility Scenario Stuttgart

In 2016 we again had the pleasure to work on a future scenario with Daimler, Stuttgart.This time we concentrated on Daimler’s hometown Stuttgart.

The geographic situation of Stuttgart is quite unique. The city has grown inside a 270° bassin, meanwhile extending beyond its edges and connecting to neighbouring towns. That means that getting into the city center involves taking one of the steep, meandering routes which are at times heavily congested. The geography has huge influence on the local climate and especially during hot days air quality can be a major factor. The people of Stuttgart are quite active in political concerns and there have been a lot of discussions about mobility issues lately.

Together with our client we took the opportunity and depicted the end of the “Weinsteige”, one of the major access routes and filled it with various traffic concepts. Access to the city has been restricted to zero-emission vehicles. Additionally  charges for entering the city are raised at times of heavy traffic to encourage people to use public transport. In this field various new concepts have been added to the scenery. Supplementing current public transportation systems we conceived an advanced gondola system which enables frequent stops as masts serve as access points, too. The tunnel bus, adds another layer of mobility and makes use of empty space. For fortunate citizens single person transport by air is available at high fees to keep airtraffic at an acceptable level.

Presentation of the future scenario at the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt

Daimler encouraged us to think mobility beyond the obvious. Handicapped people that gain a new life through an exoskeleton are part of the urban life, while everybody benefits from smart vehicles that automatically recognize pedestrians and react accordingly. These are just a few of the mulitple narratives that are part of this panorama.

The scenery was in 2017 extended to be part of an interactive VR-experience featured on the IAA in Frankfurt.

We thank our client and everybody involved for this great opportunity and this challenging project


Daimler Mobility Scenario Stuttgart


Client: Daimler AG
Consultant: Future Innovation, Daimler AG
Production and Concept: Daimler AG
VR Rundgang: CG-Vision


2016 - 2017