WAVE – Waterside Living Berlin

In addition to the WAVE visualizations from 2016, we were commissioned with further renderings in spring 2017.

These are also characterized by the GRAFT architect  language – as well as the language of the overall marketing presentation. In contrast to the preliminary interior visualizations, the minimum concept was to emphasize the interior concept.

In this way, we were able to intensify our relationship with Bauwerk Kapital in this cooperation and we are glad about a successful teamwork.


Thanks to all project participants!



WAVE - Waterside Living Berlin


Client: TPA
Architecture: GRAFT Architects
Aerial Photography: Manuel Frauendorf
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Philipp Tscherner, Hanno Schröder, Thomas Blachut
PM, Communication: Bettina Ludwig, Julia Roch


May - August 2017


Architectural Visualization, 3D Production


CGI, Postproduction