WAVE – Waterside Living Berlin


The characteristics of this thrilling project are a dynamic shape, uncompromising design, contrasting architecture and of course a unique Waterside.

With this exciting task we were assigned in March 2016 by TPA.
The design by GRAFT takes up the water theme in an elementary way-this shows in shape and facade.

It was imperative to find a visual language that meets the expectations that go along with luxury projects like WAVE: Equally underlining the architectural characteristics and location as well as supporting the theme of TPA.

After an intense way with a couple waves we now proudly present 5 outdoor and 8 indoor visualizations. And it makes us especially happy to see our visualizations in TPAs magnificent marketing concept.


Thanks to all project participants for the exciting and great collaboration!

wave-exterior-terrassen-by-xoio wave-penthouse-by-xoio wave-mittelgrosse-wohnung-by-xoio wave-interior-by-xoio wave-bird-view-berlin-by-xoio









WAVE - Waterside Living Berlin


Client: TPA
Architecture: GRAFT Architects
Aerial Photography: Manuel Frauendorf
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Pawel Lazarow, Steve Pfaffe, Miguel Potier, Hanno Schröder
PM, Communication: Julia Roch


March - July 2016


Architectural Visualization, 3D Production


CGI, Postproduction