“Waterfront” Hafenpark Quartier – Marketing Visualization

In the summer of 2019, the B & L Group presented us the visualizations for the project “Waterfront” – part of the development of the Hafenparkquartier in Frankfurt/Main.

We were tasked to respresent the unmistakable architecture of Barkow Leibinger Architekten and underline the relationship with water, the EZV and Frankfurt City. This resulted in emotional photorealistic images meant to reflect the architecture, location and target group.
A Corporate Identity-neutral interior design was chosen not only to present the programmatic requirements of the architects, but also to address an open and diversified user group.
Architectural and open space planning as well as an interior design concept were detailed and supplemented by us for the preliminary planning.

We are very happy that we could contribute with our pictures already in this planning phase and we thank all project participants for the trusting cooperation!



"Waterfront" Hafenpark Quartier - Marketing Visualization


Client / Agency: B&L Gruppe
Architect: Axthelm Rolvien Architects

CGI/Postproduction: xoio
3d-Design: Steve Pfaffe, Julia Korotaev
Projectmanagement/Communication: Julia Roch


September 2019


Marketing Visualization


Konzeption, Art Direction, CGI, Postproduction