Visitorscenter Berlin Reichstag - Main Competition Illustration

Visitorscenter Berlin Reichstag

For the competition of the new Visitorscenter Berlin Reichstag (BIZ) Gorenflos Architects asked us to assist with our 3d services. The new BIZ is located at a very sensitive place opposite the famous historic Reichstag right in the core of the german capital Berlin. Due to increasing security concerns and the current unsatisfactory visitors situation a new competition was initiated.

Early in the process we were entrusted to assist in the 3d process of “Formfindung”. Matthias Gorenflos decided to create an “unexpected encounter” with an alien type of architecture with no historic correlation. Yet the new BIZ is of friendly nature carefully embracing the existing trees in the famous park of Berliner Zoo.


Detail of the friendly early morning encounter

We thank Matthias Gorenflos and his team for the great cooperation and the fascinating project!


Illustrations Competition Visitorscenter Berlin Reichstag


Gorenflos Architects - client
xoio 3d, postproduction


February, 2016