The interior Visuals were focusing on the warm character of the detailed wooden cladding

HBSO – Animation und Competition Illustrations

We were approached by BHBVT Architects to illustrate a competition entry for a Theatre of Ballet, Symphony and Opera in Ho Chi Minh City. The challenge for us was to show the project on a urban scale – especially its integration into the new urban development area of Tu Thiem – and furtheron display the detailed interior and exterior with its intrinsicate materials.

In our animation we aimed to catch the dramatic tension before a performance, when silence settles and the audience waits for the curtain to lift.

We thank the architects at BHBVT for the friendly cooperation and congratulate them for winning second price.

The plaza seamlessly leads into the building. The staircase offers a public space for visitors with spectacular views onto the skyline

“Thu Thiem New Urban Development Area” in Ho Chi Minh City with the new HBSO building nested in the river promenade


HBSO - Theatre of Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera


BHBVT Architects – Architectural Concept

xoio – Animation and Illustration


August 2020


Competition Animation and Illustration