The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center – Competitive Visualization

We were commissioned by merz merz Architekten in June 2019 to do 3 images: one exterior and two interiors. In the second phase of the competition, our visualizations would support the international competition process.

On this phase of the competition, the focus was on formulating the design, the first Holocaust memorial center in Eastern Europe. It was both a sensitive topic after the tragic events 1941 – 1943 and exciting task at the same time! For us, it was important to depict the seasonal properties of objects and materials and its relation to the given light properties – theme and design should be reflected atmospherically in the images.

We are pleased that merz merz, together with TOPOTEK 1 landscape architects, finished in 3rd place and we would like to thank all project participants for the good cooperation!



The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center - Competitive Visualization


Architectur: merz merz Architekten

CGI: xoio
3D Design: Philipp Tscherner, Nunzio Cava
Communication / Art Direction: Julia Roch




Architecturalvisualization, 3D Produktion


CGI, Postproduction