Seoul Future Scenario – Daimler AG

In close cooperation with the PIONEERING NeXt department of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz Korea, the future scenario “Seoul 2039” was created.

The square around the historical part of the main station; the “Seoul Station” sets the primary visual focus of the picture. Some of the surrounding buildings have also been partially modified and help the observer to orientate oneself within the geography of Seoul.

“Seoul 2039” is a smart, sustainable city with a high quality of life. With electric driven mobility and air purification technology, traffic exhaust and air pollution are now a thing of the past. The entire traffic system was fundamentally redesigned to avoid the impending traffic collapse. Autonomous driving, car sharing, ride sharing, new modes of transport and mobility services as well as new infrastructures are building blocks for efficient and environmentally friendly mobility. Vehicles, buildings and objects are intelligently connected to the urban infrastructure. The partial dismantling of roads has led to new green spaces. In this new environment, the car also takes on new tasks and services.

Many very detailed individual scenes bring the atmospheric dense illustration to life and charge the historical center of Seoul with ideas for the future. Traditional references, such as a small temple on a hill or Haechi, a mythical creature from Korean mythology, which watches over the scenery in the form of a holographic projection on the Seoul Square building, fit harmoniously into the scene.

The Seoul future visualization already had a great media response on the first day and was used for the first time at the presentation of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept in Seoul, Korea as a background motif in the EQ Future Pavilion.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for the great collaboration!


Seoul Future Scenario - Daimler AG


Concept of mobility vision and storyline: Daimler AG, PIONEERING NeXt

Production und visual concept: xoio GmbH
Creative Direction: Peter Stulz
3D Design: Joanna Ejzler, William Guest
PM/Art Direction: Thomas Posselt






Concept, CGI, Postproduction