Residential Complex “Hanshäger Straße”

We were commissioned by Christburk Grundbesitz GmbH in spring 2021 with the marketing visualizations for the „Hanshäger Straße“ residential park.

Having previously already created visualizations for the Zingst project, it was now time to visually describe in more detail additional parts of the residential park, especially the further detailing of the interiors . The focus of our work was on finding a coherent interior design that captured life by the sea in the immediate vicinity of the beach and at the same time the city. Light, airy, high-quality furnishings along with outdoor facilities with a high quality lifestyle would all be incorporated.

We are pleased about the coherent series of pictures and thank you for our trusting cooperation together!



Residential Complex "Hanshäger Straße"


Client: Christburk Grundbesitz GmbH
Architecture: Schnittger Architekten + Partner
CGI/Concept: xoio gmbH
Photo Aerial: Manuel Frauendorf






Concept, CGI, Postproduction