Pure Living Berlin – Marketing Visualization

In april 2018 TPA Real Estate Brands assigned us with a complex visualization package for the marketing materials of “Pure Living Berlin”.
The architectural office Hemprich Tophof was responsible for the design of a new construction at the Spree – integrated at the Mercedes Benz areal.

Next to East Side Gallery, Spree and downtown Berlin a clear and objective architectural language was created, which aims urbanity and high-quality living at the same time – with valuable materials, suptle details, and green inner yards as a place of retreat.

The focus of the exterior view was to reflect the unique location. Different complementaring cameras in the space helped to show many close-ups of the interior elements and quality of living.

This project has accompanied us for a long time, the more we are happy about the successfull total package and thank all our partners for the great collaboration.



Pure Living Berlin - Marketing Visualization


Client: Ziegert Immobilien
Agentur: TPA Real Estate Brand
Architecture: Hemprich Tophof Architekten
Aerial Photography: Manuel Frauendorf
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Miguel Potier, Julia Korotaev, Art Maknev
Communication / Art Direction: Julia Roch


April - August 2018


Marketing Visualization, 3D Production


Art Direction, CGI, Postproduction