egon by walther knoll - productvisualisation

Productvisualisations of this kind meanwhile have become an integral part of our work. But the  Egon Chair from Walther Knoll marked for our office the first furniture piece we reconstructed in 3d.

We were intrigued by it’s  clear use of materials and it’s iconographic shape that invites you to do all kinds of leisure activities from reading a book to simple daydreaming. It’s a beautifully simplistic piece of furniture and the main focus of this visualisation went into getting the leather feel right. Beforehand the model was recreated from photographic references. Quite intrinsicate surface textures were painted to transmit the subtle variations of a natural material as is leather. This set of productvisualisations was completed within the tight timeframe  of 3 days.

Please go here for the manufacturers site.

egon by walther knoll - productvisualisation


Egon Lounge Chair


Peter Stulz (3d, Postproduction)




Photorealistic Productvisualizsation