Product visualization- FSB ErgoSystem E300

FSB entrusted xoio to create a new visual world for their acclaimed ErgoSystem E300. The barrier-free systems is meant to complements premium bathroom systems.

We were commissioned to design and visualize six alternative product environments which aim to show the adaptability of the E300 in modern design setups. The project was a follow-up of the previous A100 assignment which can be seen here.

Obviously we were aware of the top tier design expectations of our client. Great efforts were put on materiality, lighting and obviously a specific spatial setup with a subtle narrative. The design brief challenged us to show the complete line in every shot in a believable setup. After an initial conceptual stage of the general theme we moved forward with a gallery- / showroom-like configuration.

Our illustrations are meant to be utilised in multiple digital and printed applications as websites, catalogs and trade fairs.

We thank FSB for the wonderful cooperation and this rewarding project.


FSB_E300_Wohnbau_Dusche_by_xoio FSB_E300_Wohnbau_WC_by_xoio FSB_E300_Objekt_Dusche_by_xoio FSB_E300_Objekt_Waschtisch_by_xoio FSB_E300_Objekt_WC_by_xoio


Product visualization - ErgoSystem E300


Client: FSB
Concept/CGI: xoio
Artist: Katrin Binz, Philipp Tscherner
PM, Communication: Thomas Posselt


May - December 2015


Product visualization


Concept, CGI, Postproduction