Product Visualization – FSB ErgoSystem A100


Xoio was commissioned with the design and visualization of six different images for the product launch of the new FSB ErgoSystem A100.

With the ErgoSystem A100 FSB presents an supremely wide range of products around barrier-free living in the private and public sectors. The guiding theme of the spatial configuration was based on the idea of a airy and generous showroom.

This setup allowed us to show each product in multiple conditions: Various combinations / constellations in material, decor, color and light could be illustrated to demonstrate the high flexibility of the system. Still seen together the visuals form a logic, coherent image sequence.

We are happy to have mastered this challenging task for FSB. The entire process included the early conception of the central theme, all the way through to implementation and final realisation.

We thank FSB for the trust they put in our service and for being a great client to develop these illustrations.


FSB_A100_Objektbau_Dusche_by_xoio FSB_A100_Wohnbau_Dusche_by_xoio FSB_A100_Wohnbau_WC_by_xoio


Product visualization - ErgoSystem A100


Client: FSB
Concept/CGI: xoio
Artist: Katrin Binz, Philipp Tscherner
PM, Communication: Thomas Posselt


May - December 2015


Product visualization


Concept, CGI, Postproduction