Two passengers sharing a Mobuno in the ride sharing Mode

Two passengers sharing a mobuno in the ride sharing mode

In 2018 we decided to give our autonomous carsharing concept “mobuno” a thorough redesign. The Future Transportation Conference 2018 in Cologne approached us to present the case at the venue, so we really (!!!) wanted to iron out some of the most prominent design issues.

Access got lowered to a small step, the entry door got widened, so wheelchair access is thinkable and in general we could establish a quick glance at the interior. Up to 4 people would have an quite comfortable seating and yes we offer drinks :).

Two mobuno units at a small village in a rural area. It was important to include ideas for many different scenarios.

The spherical wheel design of the original version was replaced by an axial wheel system. Due to its high turning angle, it would offer a similar degree of mobility while offering more space to the interior.

Last but not least we looked at the whole concept from a different angle and what it effectively could do for the cities of today. Through the combination of a much higher utilization of a shared concept and condensed, offsite parking we strongly believe that our concept could be a massive impact to relax urban spaces by decreasing the amount of vehicles needed for a similar degree of mobility.

We do offer presentations of our concept; for more in depth material and further discussion please contact us.

Again we do thank Dr. Tim Lehmann of the IUM  for his cooperation.

The 2018 exhibition model shown at the FOT Conference in Cologne


mobuno 2.0


Urbanist, Sociologist and Advisor: IUM, Dr. Tim Lehmann
Concept, Design and Production: xoio GmbH


2017 - 2018


Idea, Concept, CGI, Photoshoot, Postproduction