Maximilians Quartier – Interior Visuals

Early in 2017 the Groth Gruppe commissioned marketing renders for the housing estate Maximilians Quartier in Berlin.

The scope of our task was quite unusual, since we were supposed to show different design alternatives of the same space. As a general direction we were briefed to create a “classic”, “natural” and “style” line, each with a distinct color range and furnishing. Therefor we depicted one living/diving space and the bathroom area.

We hope that the different alternatives show the flexible look and feel of the spaces. We thank our client and our artists for this great project.




Maximilians Quartier - Architekturvisualisierung


Client: Groth Gruppe
Architecture: léonwohlhage Architekten
Design Agency: minigram
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Katrin Binz, Elina Georgakila, Steve Pfaffe, Nori Rhee
AD/PM/Communication: Bettina Ludwig


April / May2017


Interior Visuals, 3D Production


Design Boards, CGI, Postproduction