Mangroovy Beach Residences_Luxury Poolside Illustration by xoio Spaceplus_Mangroovy_Beach_Residences_Nightpool_by_xoio

Mangroovy – El Gouna – Beach Residences

Spaceplus Developers approached us with this demanding task to accompany the relaunch of the Mangroovy Beach Residences. The whole project had to be completed within 4 weeks starting from a substantial redesign until the first marketing launch in June 2015.

El Gouna is a world reknown surf spot known for its favourible wind conditions and after the successfull launch of the acclaimed scarab club the developers decided to initiate this sister project. xoio supported the architectural team with our 3d and could help to influence design decision with our previsualisations. For the final marketing visuals we put great emphasis to match the specific local building materials as well as the local fauna. Therefor specific palms were customcreated and animated.


Privacy that still allows great views towards the beach is one of the prominent features of the design

Despite the ambitious schedule the whole project could be completed in a very pleasant working collaboration. We thank spaceplus for their trust in our services and wish the developers all the best for their marketing campaign.


the central pool area at sunrise


The spaceous alleys all have direct views towards the beach area. Palm trees are planted to allow shadowy areas protecting from the intense sun.


Mangroovy Beach Residences - El Gouna Egypt


Amir Rothkegel, Spaceplus - full service agency, client
Bettina Ludwig, xoio - PM
Peter Stulz, xoio - AD
Arnaud Boeglin, xoio - 3d, lighting
Philipp Tscherner, xoio - 3d, props
Jordi Mila, xoio - 3d, exteriors


June, 2015