Our winter landscape demo in its full splendor – rendered in realtime inside Unreal Engine


Lasse taking the tour with the Occulus glasses

This interactive winter chalet marks the next step of experiencing our 3d in a new immersive environment. Explore freely this piece of modern architecture set in an atmospheric winter scenery on your own.

xoio has decided to take the next evolutionary step in visualisation and dive into the powerful world of the much acclaimed Unreal Engine. Through elaborate technique we are now able to create fully immersive 3d-environments, that can be run on multiple devices ranging from mobile devices to powerfull demo setups.

Feel free to download the winterchalet demonstration here, as long as you can make use of a modern powerful PC, you are free to go. Here is the link again:

The Unreal technology offers even more: An experience like this should be possible away from a regular computer screen. Using the Occulus Rift Glasses and some remote controller you are now free to experience the demo in an upright position freeing yourself from any screen or desk.

Attractive user-cases as tradefairs, showrooms or many others become imaginable and realistic. We are happy that first tests with friends and colleagues could be run with satisfactory results.

We are more than happy to welcome friendly visitors to give you a freezing tour through our winter dreamland :).

Best regards, xoio


The Master bedroom – featuring an eyelevel mountain vista straight from the bedside


The bridge crossing to the sauna



Winter Chalet Interactive Demo Scene


Peter Stulz: 3d,Concept, Architecture, Art Direction
Lasse Rode: 3d, Concept
Fabian Schneider: Interactive, Framework, 3d
Alexander Boerner: 3d


November 2014 - July 2015


Creating an interactive demo scene