The warehouse scenario depicting a remote production facility

InFarm – Indoor Urban Farming / Visualization

We have a special interest in all kinds of future trends and subjects; therefor we were thrilled to be approached by InFarm to do this set of illustrations of their product. Urban Farming is becoming a big subject, especially in urban congestion areas and it was extremely interesting to have some insight in the processes involved. It was of utmost importance to go for a photoreal look to demonstrate the credibility of their product. Meanwhile the product has already reached realisation stage and pops up in local Berlin markets

The illustrations show various applications of the modules. InFarm could be used in rather traditional production areas, as seen in the warehouse scenario. But things get more interesting when they are moving closer to the final point of sale. One scenario depicts the modules in the immediate environment of a supermarket or even directly inside a wholesale situation. The scenarios required each unique approaches, so some were realised in a mixed photomontage/cg approach, while for the warehouse we decided to go full cgi and enhance the render with some intense photo-kitbashing.

We thank InFarm for this exciting journey and are curiously following the further development of this trendsetting enterprise. Obviously we also thank our lovely artists who realised this project.

A local wholesale market showing the onsite production


InFarm - Indoor Urban Farming / Visualization


Client: InFarm – Indoor Urban Farming GmbH
3D Design: Julia Korotaev

3D + Postproduction: Peter Stulz
Communication: Julia Roch
CGI/Postproduction: xoio




product visuals


CGI, Photomontage, Postproduction