Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt/Main – Exterior

On behalf of the B&L Group, we created a comprehensive package of visualizations for the marketing documents for the Hafenparkquartier project in Frankfurt am Main.

In close cooperation with TPA Real Estate Brands, a large number of exterior views were created, which would clearly show the project in its context, as well as the architectural characteristics of the development. Not only do the beautifully designed outdoor facilities and the location speak for a great quality of life, but also the superior interior furnishing along with fantastic apartment views and dimensions to suit a wide variety of requirements.

Interior: Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt/Main – Interior


An exciting project and great collaboration. Our thanks to everyone involved in the project!




Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt/Main - Exterior


Agency: TPA Real Estate Brands
Project developer: B&L Gruppe Hamburg
Architecture: Hadi Teherani architects






CGI, Postproduction