Productvisual Flexxy Swivel

Product Visuals for OFS: Flexxy Swivel

The Flexxy Swivel – launched by the us-manufacturer OFS in 2012 – is completing the Flexxy chair family comprising of stacking and nesting side chairs.
The office chair features a very clear, reduced and elegant design. Smart combination of surfaces/lines combined with a matching material mix makes it an office-inhabitant well fitting all sorts of individual or corporate environments demanding design and comfort.

xoio was creating the product visuals for the print brochure – in close collaboration with the the design agency square one design, responsible for design and layout of this brochure. Very minimalistic environments were created in order to best highlight the chair and make it’s slight differences in geometry and material show. One image shows a converence scene, the other is a clear studio setting with freestanding chairs – not aligned to any function whatsowever.

We were very happy, that ofs was awarded the “Best of Year 2012” prize by the Interior Design Magazine.

xoio’s product visualizations are widely used by ofs: brochures, advertisement, website, truck graphics, etc.

xoio is very happy that we could be part of this succesful story and support the marketing material with our product visuals.

Thanks for all the creative freedom we were given to stage this extraordinary piece of furniture.

BTW: the layout is available here:


Productvisual Flexxy Swivel


Flexxy Swivel - Product Visuals


Client: OFS

Design Agency: Square One Design

CGI: xoio

Senior Artist: Katrin Binz

PM / CD: Bettina Ludwig




Product visualizations for print


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