The urban agora offers plenty of attractive areas to rest and participate on various levels of exposure.

Elasticity – Fraunhofer Institute – Morgenstadt

We are pleased to show this cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IAO and their great team.

Recent trend research has shown that sustainable adaptions in  urban environments can only be achieved in close collaboration with local communities. The Fraunhofer Institute initiated the Morgenstadt Project to create a discussion platform for communities, industry leaders and other stakeholders. In a multistage workshop key areas were defined to revitalize european inner cities. These were the base goals for our creative process. Interestingly we witness a stronger emphasis on social, political and structural aspects rather than technological aspects to improve the city of tomorrow.

We defined a urban space reminiscent of a classic agora to invite citizens to rest and enjoy the busy streetlife. Plenty of  opportunities are presented to participate and discuss. Additionally technical aspects which will certainly be more digitized in the future are made tangible through physical representations and means of interaction. As usual various narratives are told in small stories throughout the High Resolution Illustration.

To make the humanistic message more approachable the client wished for an alternative illustration style. Our 3d-base was further refined in a manual 2d-sketching phase. This allowed our team of artists to work directly on the narratives. The image was then colorized manually to allow a fresh and attractive look and feel.

We thank our client Fraunhofer Institute IAO and their friendly team for this inspiring cooperation and the chance to be part of the Elasticity Initiative.

Aerial shot of the urban center of #Elasticity

Detail Crop from the HiRes Illustration


Elasticity Illustration - City of tomorrow


Fraunhofer Institute IAO – client
xoio – illstration 3d / 2d


Mai 2021


Illustration of the democratic city of tomorrow