A digital Brand World for Brenntag

Commissioned by ComSat, xoio designed and implemented a digital Brand World for Brenntag, the world market leader in the distribution of chemicals and ingredients. A 360° interior and exterior concept reflects Brenntag’s new brand positioning. The main focus is on a stringent visual translation of the brand into the space. The language of form, colors and materials are derived from the new brand image and can be experienced at a total of eight touchpoints.
A worldwide, virtual, interactive event for Brenntag employees celebrated the brand relaunch with comprehensive on-demand information about the brand, products and the people behind it. The very successful launch event had a total of 17,000 participants.

The virtual Brenntag Pavilion has a modular design and can be expanded so that it can also transport company-relevant content in a visually impressive way for future events with newly designed themed islands and features.

We would like to thank ComSat and CGVision (responsible for the UI design and programming) for the fantastic cooperation on this exciting project.

interactiv implementation: https://event.brenntag.com/newbrenntag/



Brenntag Brand World Launch Event


Client: ComSat Media GmbH
Concept/CGI: xoio GmbH
UI Design/Programming: CGVision




360 Panoramas for Virtual Tour


Architectural Concept, Design, CGI, Postproduction