Berlin OE – Königsallee

One of our favourites so far in 2018.

Commissioned by Minigram we could develop imagery for an architectural design by Axtelhm Rolvien Architects.
The building is a carefully disected volume, a compound of boxes that are two-sided: open and transparent to the garden,  yet closed and clad in warm shiny metal panels to neighbours and street. Located in the green and quiet west of Berlin, adjacent to listed buildings and gardens it evokes an almost country-side feel.
It seems simple, but really it is a very individual planning – complex in its sections and detail.
Further we were first introduced to an interior design developped by Steiniger Designers and we got so detailled information on literally every single shadow gap – it was a pleasure.
It is this level of detail, that is the fun of those images: All interiors are individually furnished and allow for the viewer to zoom in and discover.

We want to thank all envolved.



Berlin OE - Königsallee


Client/Agency: Minigram
Architecture: Axthelm Rolvien Architects
Interior Design: Steininger Designers
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Katrin Binz, Elina Georgakila, Tereza Pfaffe
Communication / Art Direction: Bettina Ludwig


February - May 2018


Marketing Visualization, 3D Production


Art Direction, CGI, Postproduction