Architectural Showreel 2013-2014

Please watch in HD / Fullscreen / Sound on!

This is xoio’s latest architectural showreel showing various shots from our archviz animations we did during the last year. Various commercial and noncommercial works of the last 2 years showing all kind of built environments, done 100% CGI in our studio.We put specific focus on fairly unusal moods for architectural clients covering stormy, rainy and fairly energetic settings. Please enjoy!

Hope you like our work. And obviously we warmheartedly thank all our artists and clients who participated in these shots.

If you want to see more of our animation works, please watch our 3d-showreel here!

And here are a couple of stillshots from this Arch-Reel:


Quite unusal for an architectural illustration we chose to make use of our ocean simulator for this contemporary lighthouse.


Linienstrasse Berlin for TPA


15.000 animated characters were rendered for this stadion animation showcasting two different scenarios – inspired by MIR


A moody sunrise, some morning mist and other weather elements were key elements in this animation for 5 Morgen by Stofanel

copyright 2014 xoio
music copyright 2014 by Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis & Tim Stanzel


Architectural Showreel 2014 by xoio


Peter Stulz (3d, Supervision, Postproduction)
Arnaud Boeglin (3d, Animation, Lighting)
Lasse Rode (3d, Animation)
Gregor Gleibs (3d, Animation)
Steve Pfaffe (3d, Animation)
Daniel Bloecher (3d, Animation)
Katrin Binz (3d)


2013 - 2014


Architectural Animation