3d-Showreel 2013-2014

Please watch in HD / Fullscreen / Sound on!

This is xoio’s latest 3d-showreel showing various shots from our 3d-works we did during the last year. Various commercial and noncommercial works of the last 2 years showing object and landscape based shots, mostly done 100% CGI in our studio.

Hope you like our work!

P.S.: We warmheartedly thank all artists who participated in these shots. All 3d-models (except VW Golf VI) were custommade at xoio.

Please find below some stills, if you like!


A reinterpretation of an earthern network theme we did early 2013


We designed this racer for a small competition several years back. We called our “ride” Aida, because it should be somewhere in the same class as the Audi R8.


We are superhappy that this astronaut was fully done from scratch in our studio. In fact it is the first case, where we could make use of our ZBrush license. We can’t beat “Gravity”, but who cares?


We had this NY-scene around for ages. Great to finally have it in motion!


A bombardier CRJ 200 we used to do some research on procedural clouds in our pipeline


The P-51 is such a beautiful bird, what can I say? You just have to animate it :).


copyright 2014 xoio
Trophy-Animation by courtesy / copyright of FLC Helsinki, 3d by xoio
Volkswagen Quicar CI produced by METADesign AG, 3d by xoio
music copyright 2014 by Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis & Tim Stanzel


xoio 3d animation reel


Peter Stulz (3d, Supervision, Postproduction)
Arnaud Boeglin (3d, Animation, Lighting)
Lasse Rode (3d, Animation)
Gregor Gleibs (3d, Animation)
Steve Pfaffe (3d, Animation)
Katrin Binz (3d)
Pavel Lazarov (3d)
Michael Lang (3d)




Concept, Animation, Postproduction