Animated Stills are special blend between a carefully crafted illustration and an animation – we call them microanimations, somewhat reminiscent of the animated newspapers as seen in the Harry Potter movies.

To familiarize ourselves with the conept our team investigated how we could achieve atmospheric sequences that would loop easily. By using “selfsimilar” animation elements – like rain, wind, water, leaves – we could achieve a vivid and emotional impression in loops that would range between 3 and 10 seconds. Obviously longer loops would have been possible, but due to a short timespan we were able to achieve minimal filesizes around one Megabyte which rivals the size of comparable still imagery in a similar application. in these applications filesizes really do matter since these images are mainly puposed to be used on websites, where fast loading times are vital – so smaller is better.

We hope that through our short little animation we could breathe some life, atmosphere and emotion into our imagery and open up possible ideas for our appreciated clients.


Stills in motion


xoio GmbH – animation and concepts
Art Maknev – 3d-artist
Nunzio Cava – 3d-artist
Ivan Esau – 3d-artist
Joanna Ejzler – 3d-artist
Julia Korotaev – 3d-artist
William Guest – 3d-artist
Peter Stulz – 3d-arist


October 2021


Animation Examples