virtuelle Galerie und Ausstellungsraum "a place called home"

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“A place called home” – virtual exhibition

What is home? How much closeness and security do we need? When do our own four walls become isolation, which distances us more than they connect? How fairly is the good home distributed in this world?

Our team artists undertook a creative journey in 2020 around this matter – a time when the notion of home was redefined by topics like homeoffice, mass migration, national protectionism and other globalization issues.

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virtual gallery and exhibition space

A lot of us haven’t been to a gallery for a while. In these special circumstances we hope to bring back – temporarily – some of that experience through that virtual exhibition space. Additionally we wanted to create a space that honours the work our artists put into that special project.

We hope you can enjoy our little tour, until we can share the physical experience of art again – stay safe and hope to see you soon in person.


"A place called home" - virtual exhibition / virtual gallery


artist – William Guest
artist – Iwan Esau
artist – Joanna Ejzler
artist – Nunzio Cava
artist – Miguel Potier
artist – Steve Pfaffe
artist – Art Maknev
artist – Philipp Tscherner
artist – Julia Korotaev
artist / virtual space- Peter Stulz


2020 - 2021


Free work


concept, realisation, postproduction