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The xoio property tool is designed to be used in any convenient way for the enduser – tablets, phones or desktops are supported.

xoio interactor / property marketing platform

The xoio interactor is our latest addition to services provided by xoio.

An overall positive, lighthearted user-journey was the overall key design guideline when we conceptualized our platform:

The tool is usable on any device from smartphones to desktops and tablets, providing a pressure free customer experience in their own pace and time. Loading times are optimized for many conditions and browserbased access is immediate and requires no installation. Contacting a sales team is easy, yet users privacy demands are respected.

Fully interactive hero-views allow full immersion for your client to experience the project from eye level.

Interactive walkthroughs are integrated into the flatfinder.

Pristine illustrations are expected from any xoio service, so our tool should reflect this quality in features and usability.

First we use our orbit animation to emphasize local highlights as public transport, shopping facilities or the cozy little pub at the corner. Anything that breathes life into your development can be added as an attractive info layer.

Furthermore hero images from alternative views are accesible, in order to allow users to dive into the project on eyelevel. These heroviews are fully interactive and also allow appartment selection. Additional important features as siteplans, product information, favorite storage and barrier free contact-information are integral parts of our software.

Obviously all UI-elements can be adapted to fit the corporate identity of your marketing campaign.

Each of our clients will receive an individual protected backend access to host and change database information. Data exchange has been simplified to allow various software environments.

We are convinced that our tool is offering a solid package of functionality to boost property marketing processes. We thank all participant designers for their contribution to make this possible.


xoio interactor / property marketing tool


xoio GmbH – Design and Concept

CG-Vision – Software Development


February - July 2023


Software Development