Virtual Setof a New-York-Studio - Heroshot-by xoio

virtual set- New York Photostudio – full CGI

This illustrations of a virtual set is a spinoff of an commercial project we finished a while ago. Based on a rather regular loft-interieur we „dramatized“ the interior proportions and designed this virtual set. Based on a strong constrasted colorscheme we created this NY-Photostudio set.

The conception of virtual sets has meanwhile become a major cornerstone in xoio’s work. Please refer to the website of OFS to see more samples of our product worlds.

We hope you like!


Detailshot des Bildbearbeitungsarbeitsplatzes


New York Loft


Peter Stulz (3d-Artist, Postproduction)


January, 2011


Konzeption, Virtuelles Set, 3d