virtual productshot – Celestron telescope

virtual productshot celestron from below
virtual productshot celestron 3d mesh

HiRes Model of the Omni XLT 150

This set of illustrations of a Celestron Omni XLT 150 was done as an internal study-project. Mainfocus of this work was about modelling this highly detailed object true to its real appearance. Especially the connection of various rounded shapes proved to be a special challenge.

It’s obligatory in our studio to properly put each object “in scene”. Therefor we created this mash-up studioset of various casestudy-houses of the 50s. After completion we realised that downtown-LA probably is not the best place to do stargazing … youu still can stalk on your Hollywood-neighbours, then :).

Here is the link to the website of Celestron.

virtual productshot celestron scenery

the full scenery panorama showing the conceptualised product-world of the product

virtual productshot celestron detail

Some closeup showing the details

virtual productshot celestron from below


Celestron XLT 150 Product Illustration


Peter Stulz (3d, Postproduction)


March, 2009


Modelling, Conception, Photomontage