unreal engine real time animation – winter chalet – a great year 2015 and merry christmas!

With the best wishes we conclude this year and thank all our artists, clients and friends for a successfull 12 months of great projects. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to do this amazing job, which would not be possible without the people we work with – maybe including you! Thanks for that.

We keep the tradition to create an end-of-year project; Since Lasse convinced everybody that amazing, photorealistic animations can be done inside unreal engine 4, we decided to pursue the matter of realtime simulations a little further. To be honest, we truly cherish the huge possibilities of our new toy and look forward for more beautiful things to come.

We hope you like our little preview animation of our winterchalet – hopefully soon more to come!


unreal engine real time illustration - winter chalet rendered with Unreal Engine by xoio

hero shot of the chalet embedded in its unique mountain setting


mountain chalet in winter - unreal engine interactive, real time presentation


Peter Stulz: AD, 3d
Lasse Rode: TD, 3d
Steve Pfaffe: 3d
Arnaud Boeglin: 3d
Tereza Hristoskova – 3d


December 2014