VW Illustration Quicar - family

The main motive of the campaign

VW Illustration Quicar - World

The world of quicar – in one glance

Quicar Brandworld – VW illustration works for Metadesign

This package of illustrations was commisioned by Metadesign, Berlin. The Volkswagen Quicar carsharing platform was launched 2011 and Metadesign was entrusted to design the unique brandworld representing the young subbrand. Under the supervision of Metadesign we had the chance to create this series of images and assist in creating the specific universe of Quicar.

VW Illustration Quicar - Interior

At a later stage we created this interior of the Quicar-flagshipstore.

VW Illustration Quicar - Sketches

Some early sketches showing possible directions for the branduniverse

In a first stage we were entrusted to assist in the conceptualisation of the various elements existing in the universe of Volkswagen Quicar which was presented to VW. After full submission we detailed the various illustrations to communicate Quicar in all its nuances.

Please follow this link to the site of Quicar and its facebook page here!
Again we thank Metadesign for the creative and collaborative collaboration.

VW Illustration Quicar - Website

The Quicar Website

VW Illustration Quicar - family


VW Quicar - Brandworld illustrations for Metadesign


Volkswagen (Client)
Metadesign (Agency)
xoio (3d-Illustrations)


July, 2011


3d-illustrations and conceptual support