healthcare environment: nurse station

healthcare environment: nurse station

Product Visuals for the new Healthcare-Brochure (Kimball Office)

In summer 2013 Kimball Office commissioned us with the design and production of renderings for their new healthcare brochure. Focus is the illustration of various Kimball products in an healthcare environment.
What a fantastic assignment! So we started to work on the conception of spatial environment with the internal brieft that those images should evaporate a clinical smell…

We started from a detailled briefing defining all spatial functions plus the specific furniture in all settings. Further spatial and material conception (image comp) was suggested by xoio and in very great revision process with Kimball pushed forward until we reached the quality image we all were very happy with.
Apart from the Kimball furnishing we created a lot of specific objects illustrating the medical context: from CT and organ preparations to clipboards – its all in there.
It was so much fun to prop those images!

A great THANK YOU to Kimball!


healthcare environment: exam room

healthcare environment: examination room


Client feedback (Sam Smugala of Kimball Offices):

“Oh my goodness! These are looking great!”


healthcare environment: waiting room

healthcare environment: waiting room

healthcare environment: consultation room

healthcare environment: consultation room

Imaging Room

healthcare environment: Imaging Room

healthcare environment: pharmacy

healthcare environment: pharmacy


Product Viusals for Kimball's Healthcare Brochure


Client: Kimball Office

conception/3D: xoio (Gregor Gleibs, Steve Pfaffe)

PM/CD: Bettina Ludwig




3D Product Visuals for print brochure


spatial coneption, 3D production