Product Visualizations for OFS Brands: Eleven Table and Lona Lounge Chair

Early in 2017 we were commissioned one further image for the product series Eleven Table and one images highlighting a new product: The Lona Lounge chair for OFS Brands.

While the Eleven Table is already on the market, the Lona Lounge Chair is one of the new products that has been launched at NeoCon 2017 in Chicago. The table is shown with a glass top – thus we went for a view from above to emphasize the material and  the elegant base. Yet the chair is almost a close up – so only the materials and lighting tell that we are in the same environment.

We hope that we could support product marketing as expected.

We would like express our  gratitude to our client OFS Brands: Since five years by now we successfully collaborate – thanks to your great product range, your trust in our work and the transparency and clearity throughout the process – it is a pleasure. Thank you so much.

You find the viusals in context on the OFS Webpage: Lona Lounge Chair / Eleven Table




Eleven Table und Luca Lounge Chair


Client: OFS Brands

CGI: xoio

Team xoio: Philipp Tscherner, Nori Rhee, Thomas Posselt




product renderings for web/print


conception, art direction, CGI, postproduction