Humboldt Forum

We had the pleasure to work with Hug & Eberlein and Humboldt Forum on their new exhibition catalogue.

Our task was to visualize the architectural and urbanistic development of the historic site between the years of 1250 till 2020 As a result we created a chronological set of images allowing for a direct informative comparison of the various timeperiods on the site. As to be expected documentation was to major extends sparse, misleading and even contradictory. It was our honour to collaborate closely with historians and archeologists from the Humboldt Forum to evaluate the existing data to achieve a representation as close to the historic reality as possible.

We thank everybody in the team for this exciting opportunity to be a part in this highly discussed Berlin topic.

Humboldt Forum


Humboldt Forum


Agency: Hug & Eberlein
CGI: xoio






CGI, Postproduction