Flötotto – Catalogue Illustration – Full CGI

This catalogue illustration was the first commision of a catalogue illustration for xoio. The brand „Flötotto“ is known to a lot of germans as a quality furniture line of their childhood, literally connected to nostalgic childhood memories. The family-run business decided to opt for a fresh relaunch of their wellknown brand. Realgestalt Berlin, as the lead agency decided to propose a realisation of the illustrations in CG instead of a photoshoot. xoio managed to convince the client of the required quality and was commissioned to illustrate the biggest part of the furniture in 3d.

Catalogue Illustration Flötotto Furniture - Productvisualisation

Some of the 160 products to represent the endless possibilities of the modular system

The tactile feel of the wooden material was a main focus we had to tackle first. In the later process the later process our task focused a lot on the managament of the high number of depicted objects, which ranged around 160 unique combinations of the modular system. This was realised in a custom-scripted rendermanagement. In this way it was possible to react fully flexible with our illstrations to customer demands even at a later stage.

Catalogue Illustration Flötotto - Catalogue Layout

The catalogue by Realgestalt. Strong contrasts brought out the product-illustrations at its best.

We thank Realgestalt and the Flötotto family for this commision and the excellent cooperation in this catalogue illustration.

Flötotto Furniture Productvisualisation

The final catalogue by Realgestalt. For the cover the agency opted to use a photograph.

Catalogue Illustration Flötotto - Material Sample

A material sample we rendered in the first stage to convince the client of our capabilities


Flötotto Catalogue and Web Product Visualisation


Lasse Rode (3d, Render Managament, Postproduction)
Martin Stebbing (3d)
Peter Stulz (Art Direction)




Visualisation Catalogue and Website