EnerKite – Trade Fair WindEnergy Hamburg 2020

xoio brings to life the Airborne Wind Energy from EnerKite GmbH for the digital trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg 2020.
The atmospheric visualization impressively illustrates the possible uses of this future-oriented technology: the possiblities of installation in remote difficult-to-access locations, the modular system being super flexible and enabling local electricity production.

Through an intelligent control system the EnerKite is guided upwards into the the optimal wind flow. It circles up into the air and in doing so drives a generator which it is connected to on the ground. The electricity which is generated is stored in batteries which can in turn be futher fed into the grid. The system is made up of two elements, a compact ground unit the size of a shipping container and an ultra light wing.

A very exciting project from the future technology sector.
With plenty of design freedom we have been able to show the product in its working context and produce an an emotive picture to describe it.

We wish to thank all project participants for the great collaboration!


EnerKite - Visualization


Client: EnerKite GmbH

Concept/CGI: xoio
3D Design: Peter Stulz
PM / Art Direction: Peter Stulz, Thomas Posselt




Future Visualization


Concept, CGI, Postproduction