Deck One – Architectural Visualization

xoio could support the marketing material for DECK ONE:

Thanks to TPA  – the design agency – we were commissioned the developppment of several interior and exterior renderings for the porject “Deck One” in Spandau, Berlin. Located right at the waterfront of the river Havel MK architects designed a high-rise building  overlooking the scenic landscacpe – thus setting urban and natural elements in an exciting dialogue.

The breifing asked for interior and exterior images inlcuding bird views captured at various daylight and nighttime moments. For the drone footage we collaborated with Manual Frauendorf from Skyfilm Berlin, who provided us with great material for the photo-montage. All the photographic backplates  used for the eyelevel shots we managed internally.

We hope we could support the marketing as expected the want to thank the project-team for this fantastic project.



Deck One - Architectural Visualization


Client: TPA
Architecture: MK Architects
Aerial Photography: Manuel Frauendorf
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Steve Pfaffe, Hanno Schröder, Katrin Binz
PM, Communication: Julia Roch




Architectural Visualization, 3D production


CGI, Postproduction