daimler future of mobility - suburbia

Daimler – Suburbia Scenario 2030

daimler future of mobility - magazine

Technicity Magazine by Daimler – Print and Layout by Design Hoch Drei

daimler future of mobility - technicity cover

Technicity Magazine – Print and Layout by Design hoch Drei

daimler future of mobility – scenarios 2030

This set of illustrations was commisioned by Daimler. We were commisioned by Kriegern des Lichts from Nürnberg. An internal research group of  Daimler requested these scenarios as a means to communicate their insights into future developments fo mobility.

Our task involved most aspects of the image creation – rooting on a massive research of various field of future trends and developments. An exact planning of a fitting image composition was required to pack the various aspects into the scenarios without compromising on an overall pleasing appearance of the illustrations. Foreground elements were shown in full detail ranging to large scale urban developments in the far distance.
We thank DKDL and the Daimler corporation for the friendly, supportive collaboration.

daimler future of mobility - berlin

The Berlin scenario 2030 – some foreground elements were shot inhouse


Daimle 2030 future scenarios


Daimler (Client)
Design hoch drei (Print Agency)
Die Krieger des Lichts (Agentur)
xoio (3d und Bilderstellung)