Chronograph 3d illustration - Full

Chronograph Armin Strong – 3d product illustration

This illustration of a chronograph dates a little while back. Our artist Steve did this little etude to see if we could believably communicate the precision of this beautiful object in 3d. To set the chronograph in an adequate setting, we chose to place it in this lavastone diorama. We assumed that the harsh materiality of the stones would emphasise the precise forms of the depicted object. We hope we could create a pleasing set of visuals.


Chronograph 3d illustration - Closeup

Closeup of the watch

Chronograph 3d illustration - Ambient Occlusion

An ambient occlusion pass may have its own elegance showing the right objects.


Armin Strong Chronograph


Steve Pfaffe, xoio (3d)
Peter Stulz, xoio (Postproduction)




Product Illustration