Brockessches Palais_Exterior Visual_02_by_xoio

“Brockessche Palais” – architectural visualization

The Brockessche Palais in the historic center of Potsdam has been sold and will be redeveloped.
Finally the buildings architectural history is brought back to life.

The building was built in 1770 for the Glasschleifer Johann Christoph Brockes. The designs originate from the architect Carl von Gontard. Last it was used as a post office and in the end it was used by a telecommunications office.
After the fall of the wall the house was no longer used and stood empty.

In summer 2012 we were commissioned with the interior and exterior visualizations for marketing purposes.
A big and ambitious project: Two investors (ASSET group and Prinz von Preussen Grundbesitzt AG) have tackled the project – two renowned Berlin architectural offices are responsible for new constructions and redevelopment measures: Nöfer architects and Höhne architects .

Brockessches Palais_Langer Stall_by_xoio



Brockessches Palais_Exterior Westfluegel_01_by_xoio

Back View West


Brockessches Palais_Garten_by_xoio

Garden View

The architectural visualizations of xoio with a strong focus on environment, landscape and vegetation could very well mediate the interaction between monument and timeless, modern housing.


Living Room





"Brockessche Palais - architectural visualization


Agency: TPA
Architect: Nöfer architects I Höhne architects
CGI: xoio
PM, Communication: Bettina Ludwig


January 2013


Marketing Visualization


CGI, Postproduction