Billy Boy – Campaign motive “Alles was dich anmacht”

Billy Boy – Campaign motives


Magazine ad

For the implementation of campaign motives for Billy Boy, we were commissioned by Kleiner & Bold in December 2014.

In this case the decision was consciously made against the replica of the motives and the use of product photography. Due to the fact that this did not appear to be less complicated than 3D-editing. Furthermore the 3D-editing offers flexibility in terms of color design, appearance and other diverse possible modifications.

We are very pleased we could convince Billy Boy with our realization of the aesthetics of neon light and it´s glow. The following year, other images were immediately requested and implemented. Excellent! We really liked the exciting collaboration and want to thank everyone involved in the project!


150708_billyboy_alles_liebe_alles_lust 150708_billyboy_lass_dich_treiben


Billy Boy - Kampagne


Agency: Kleiner & Bold
Client: Billy Boy
CGI: xoio
Artists: Steve Pfaffe
Project Management: Bettina Ludwig


January - May 2015


Product Visualisation, Campaign Images


CGI, Postproduction