“Balzers Village square”

The municipality of Balzers commissioned us to make two illustrations to visually and emotionally illustrate the redesign of their village square.

Having been put out to tender in a competitive process the 1st prize for the redesign of the village square was awarded to Vogt landscape architects and BBK architects. It was now a matter of presenting the results of the designs and communicating the upgrading of the square as part of a municipal vote.

In a short time and in close coordination with Vogt landscape architects and the municipality of Balzers, we developed visualisations that not only illustrated the project in its integration into the urban context, but also its material qualities and the planned greening of the square. Spatial quality, multi functionality and an appealing design were all essential criteria for the project.

We look forward to the results and a great collaboration with all project participants. Thank you to all!



Balzers Village square


Architectur: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten / BBK Architekten
CGI: xoio
3D Design: Steve Pfaffe, Julia Korotaev
Communication / Art Direction: Julia Roch


February 2020


Architectural Visualization, 3D Production


CGI, Postproduction