Autumn mood illustration – Competition Campus Ulm

Autumn mood - final
Autumn mood - pure render output

The untreated renderoutput, laking vibrance before postproduction

An extremely short creation period demanded for a very flexible approach to this illustration. Together with the architect we decided to go for an seasonal autumn theme, which proved to be difficult, since the special color demands for a carful treatment. Due to this framework our artists decided to shift the major part of their labortime to the postproduction and to do the main coloradjustment, staffage and several keyelements in photoshop. In this way the image could be finished in direct dialogue with HSP architects. The autumn mood again created a very moody, coherent color scheme. The image was featured as an exemplary postwork example for the postproduction software PSD-Manager of Cebas.

Autumn mood - AO

ambient occlusion passes have a unique beauty in their own right … mostly they help us in our postproduction to bring out fine details.


University campus Ulm - competition entry


xoio (3d)
Renderbar (3d.Agency)
HSP Architekten (Architecture)


September 2010


Competition Illustration