AC-130 above the clouds

Above the clouds even machines of death look beautiful

AC-130 Herkules – CG study

The AC-130 was a motive I wanted to realise in CGI a long time agop. So these are some fairly old shots of this dreadnought we animated a good while ago.

I know, these beasts kill people not in the most knightly way by circling above at several kilometers hight. Still I was intrigued by the analogy of this gunship to the ancient ships of the line of the late 18th century. Additionally I can’t deny that fascination that radiates from crafts like the AC-130, that has been in service for 40+ years. Over their immense lifespan diverse little gadgets have been added and modified a hundred times and they still do their daily business.

Hope you like the images!

For further info on the plane, here’s the wikipedia-page.

AC-130 on hold AC-130 landing


AC-130 - CG reconstruction


xoio (3d, Animation, Postproduction)


December 2008


visualisation of a gunship