Wolkersdorf – visual for competition

Thalbauer Architekten commissioned us in February 2019 with this visualization.

Now spring is finally here and we are still happy about this winter-like visualization. For the competition we had the chance to show the special features of this beautiful design.
The intention is to create a multifunctional space in Wolkersdorf, which can be used as an event hall and exhibition space – a contemporary place for culture, information, education and encounter for the whole region.
The snowy, early evening mood should support the quality of stay in the house and make exterior space and inner life visible as well.

Thanks to all project participants for the trusting cooperation!


Wolkersdorf - visual for competition


Architecture: Thalbauer Architekten

CGI/Postproduction: xoio
3d-Design: Philipp Tscherner
Projectmanagement/Communication: Bettina Ludwig


February 2019


visual for architectural competition


CGI, Postproduction