FLC Helsinki commissioned us to do this historic reconstruction of the famous sisteen chapel in Rome. The idea behind this advertisement involved displaying the interior with the famous murial yet to be realised. In fact this proved to be the main challenge for this image, since many of the catching details in the space are realised in painting, including several of the pseudo-3d architectural details. Additionally and surprisingly there is very little information (drawings, plans) online to support reconstructing the worldwide known interior.


Detailed info was transferred to the FLC and consequently to the photgraphers to match CGI and real photography.

Our collaboration involved again in aiding to set up the photo shoot for the main protagonist. For that purpose we proposed several camera angles and various lenses resulting in a detailed shot configuration to match photography and cgi.
After our cgi-contribution FLC Helsinki – as usual – excelled at bringing the whole project to completion.

Again we thank FLC Helsinki for the good collaboration.